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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Machu Picchu- Peru...More than trip!!!

Everything started with my VISA problem...
to solve that i had to travel to Peru and getting visa there...
back at home to make my bag, Mauricio, Taty and Maria start to thing to come with me for a short holiday in Perú while we was doing our bags started to think to going to Lima, to Machu everyone were really motivated to rich the famous Machu Picchu...
And the easy trip (for mauricio) started...6 hours ad we arrived in Thumbes, the main arrivals to follow into Perú...
(on the left: Mauricio_in thumbes)

We slept there and the day after left to Lima, Peru's capital.

Only 19h by was my longest travel ever. Arrived in Lima we spent the first hours knowing this Place, and Mauricio was our guide.

( Taty and me in LIMA)

At evening before to have dinner, in chat I knew that someone shoot, with gun, my best friend Gio (he was in Guayaquil) well you can imagine have we feel...fortunately nothing really dramatic happened...and Gio is still alive and have fun has always!!!

At night we went enjoyed Lima's nightlife...Quite nice, but Guayaquil is better.
The day after we left Lima by bus and after 22h (so I supposed that it was my really longest travel) we arrived to Cuzco, wonderful town, close to Machu Picchu.

Really nice place, seems Old Italian town, Assisi or something like that!!! Really nice place....and after dinner me and Mauricio went have fun in some disco...we was really HAPPY (also coz maria and tatiana staied at hostal sleeping). (on the left: Taty, Mauricio and me in CUZCO)

Finally on 22 Octubre we arrived in Machu Picchu, by train (74$$$ just the train)...we paid the entrance (40$$$) an finally arrived in wonderful, amazing, huge, MACHU PICCHU! (down: Me in Machu Picchu)

(i wont carry Machu with me)

( Maria, taty and me)
That Place is really incredible, in the middle of NOTHING, someone builded a huge town, with a big stones.Live there really far from everything, just Incas and the mountains!!! Cool Job Incas!!!
And was nice stay there in front, or better, in the typical picture of Machu Picchu...

(I hate the gril in the corner on the left)
Also that place made me think to much about how is amazing the life!!!
In this picture you also can see the last Inca!!! :))))
Well the trip is almost to finish, is time to comeback to Guayaquil...always by bus!!! Nooooooooooooooooo another 48h in the bus...I thought!!!
But I didn't care about any problem at bus, in die Bull bridge, in the middle of Peru's desert the bus stopped!!! And we waited only 7h...waiting for another we arrived in Lima at 11pm and there weren't any bus to thumbes o guyaquil, so slept in hotel in Lima and the day after we left. Arrived in Thumbes there was a strike at the frontier with Ecuador, so no bus to Guayaquil...And me and Taty were in shock!!! Well we reached the frontier and for me there was another visa? No more day to stay in Ecuador....NOOOOO, so from there me and Taty divided...she by walk start her travel to Guayaquil and I had to come back in thumber for find a way to stay at least 2 week more in Ecuador. Solved this problem, I slept in huaquilla, the first town if you come from Peru to Ecuador. And at 4 o'clock in the morning i arrived at frontier and there start to walk for 3 hours until to pass the strike, and reach the buses.
Well at the end i spent more days in buses than knowing Perú. But it was an amazing experience after that I can really travel by buses anywhere in the world.
11 days, 113 h travelling (4,7 days), 450$ spent...for Machu Picchu it is OK!!!
Thanks to my friends: Mauricio Gaucho, Maria la finlandesa, y Taty ñaña ecuatoriana.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Volevo farti i complimenti ma allo stesso tempo farti una tirata di orecchie... Mi avevi promesso il catalogo ma ancora niente..
Cmq skerzi a parte ci manchi qui..
Saluta tutte le ragazze che incontri da parte mia.. Divertiti più che puoi.. e quando avrai la possibilità mandami un biglietto..
A presto Masucci..

9:09 am

Blogger Chiara's wonderful world said...

Ciao Luigi! Sono capitata per caso sul tuo blog. Che bel viaggio!(bus a parte)
Io sono italo-Peruviana e a Machu Pichu non ci sono mai stata :( rimane nella mia "to do" list. A Lima ci sono piú italiani di quanti tu possa immaginare. Io ho fatto la scuola lí. Ma conosco anche la tua/mia regione hehe...sono nata a Sorrento e mio cugino studia alla Partenope.
Salutami Gio!

8:50 pm

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