By this space you can see some frames of my life, maybe couthing something about my past, for sure about my present and I hope something about my future. "Live My life, live an Experience"...if you are or was or will be part of my life(or wasn't and are part), please leave a messagge wherever you want, wherever you are!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

SOLTANTO..the way you are

"SOLTANTO" you... is a NEW GROWING MOVEMENT of people in order to transmit the self esteem to other people. SOLTANTO (italian word) means in english "JUST"...with this you express your way to life the life, your way to be your self and to be your self inside a group that respect you as YOU.

The symbol, the Red Rose, reflect the beauty of the people as people.

At moment we are still preparing the material...but if you agree the idea you can partecipate (at moment) by msn writing:

(F) SOLTANTO_your name, where other things you want.

In msn the (F) is the red rose just to express what i said up!!!
Soon many other surprise.

Any comment, any suggestion are welcome. New member also.


SOLTANTO...the way you are!!!