By this space you can see some frames of my life, maybe couthing something about my past, for sure about my present and I hope something about my future. "Live My life, live an Experience"...if you are or was or will be part of my life(or wasn't and are part), please leave a messagge wherever you want, wherever you are!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Random day

well the life is going on...
tonight the weather is really bad, it's rainning, it really cold, less tan 20°C, insted last week was almost 32° diffirente. I am actually at home with 2 friends, Janelle from portorico and Oiga from germany. Really nice people.
During those weeks I working a lot, not jobs of my life, just to save something and also try to I have no wants to do it. But I'll..well I have to do it.
Also try to life and do as much as funny things as possible cos need to do it...
Moreover looking for drunk moment for push out the bad influence in my days.
Many moments with people, most of them "alone in the mind" thinking about my life,,,and where i am going...well no answers yet...but soon sure i will hav more exiting staffs.
friends back from soon crzy moments will start again...finally
During this days I am working also in my uncle's pizzeria as pizza cocker...and as already you know working in airport...nice place to work. really tired now...I'll go to sleep....on the floor... I have guests so...the confortable are for them...well that I can give them.


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